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Vanity Lighting Fixtures

Vanity Lighting Fixtures

A well-lit bathroom will make for a more relaxing environment in which to unwind and prepare for each new day, which makes a quality light fixture an essential component of a truly relaxing spa.

Vanity light fixtures come in an assortment of styles, shapes and finishes to meet a range of aesthetic and decor schemes. Some models feature multiple lights on a single bar mount while others may have less elaborate fixtures hanging from the ceiling.

Bulb Styles Your vanity lighting bulb choice has a major effect on its light output, so selecting lights that work with both your fixture's aesthetic and overall design scheme is paramount to its success. LED bulbs have become increasingly popular due to their energy-saving characteristics and long lifespan.

Dimmers for vanity lighting is an easy and efficient way to control how much light is coming through while saving energy by cutting back on full-brightness bulbs' usage.

Color Temperature A light's color temperature determines its type of illumination, from cool white to warm white or any combination. Warm white light sources create more inviting illumination that's suitable for everyday tasks like grooming.


Bathroom lighting must meet strict wet-location ratings; be sure that any new vanity lighting meets these guidelines. Ingress Protection (IP) ratings provide information about how protected the product is against water and other forms of moisture ingress.

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