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Under-Cabinet Lights: A Guide to Brightening Your Kitchen and Workspace

Under-Cabinet Lights are an affordable way to illuminate a workspace or add ambiance in the kitchen, and come in various styles and options so you can find just the right lighting solution.

Under cabinet lighting comes in hardwire, plug-in, and battery-operated varieties. LED light bars and puck lights can either be hardwired directly into your existing power source, or plug directly into standard outlets.

Puck lights are short hockey puck-sized disks powered by batteries and designed for attachment via sticky film to cabinets or desks. They typically utilize either halogen or xenon bulbs that provide approximately 20W of illumination.

Fluorescent fixtures are another popular choice for under cabinet lighting, thanks to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. Producing soft white or daylight glow and with various bulb sizes available.

LED Strips are another great way to illuminate the kitchen under cabinet lighting. Available as either long strips that can be cut to suit the width of your cabinets or shorter stick-on versions, LED strips offer endless lighting possibilities in any kitchen under cabinet application.

Linear fluorescent lamps are another popular choice for under cabinet lighting, providing more even and professional illumination than puck lights. Furthermore, these fixtures come as strips or bars and can even be connected together for longer-row lighting effects.

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