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Torch Lights: Illuminating the Way Forward

Torch Lights are essential accessories for anyone who enjoys getting outdoors. Perfect for various outdoor activities and emergencies - such as fixing a flat tire or camping in the dark - torch lights make life much simpler!

They come in various shapes and sizes to meet various needs, making them versatile. Lightweight yet portable, these products also boast features designed to improve performance and durability.

Beam Angle - How to Measure It

When purchasing a torch, one of the first considerations will be its beam angle. This refers to where its light shines at an approximately 90-degree angle from its battery case.

Utilizing this measurement method, you can assess how well a beam angle will serve you. Beam angles are measured using two methods: full-width half maximum (FWHM) and non-directional.

The former method is more precise as it measures where 10% of a flashlight's peak intensity is released; on the other hand, NEUTRAL measures its maximum radiance.

The beam angle is an integral factor when purchasing a torch, as it affects how much light is produced and dispersed across its beam. In order to select one that meets your specific needs, it is imperative that you understand its meaning and its intended application; otherwise, it could prove an expensive error that must be rectified later. Therefore it's wiser to take your time finding one which best meets you needs.

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