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Illuminate a Stairway for Safety and Looks

Step Lights for Safety and Looks

Indoors or out, lighting a staircase improves both safety and looks while creating an inviting ambiance in any space. Destination Lighting has an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor step lights available that will add beauty and value to your home or business.

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LED step lights are an ideal lighting choice, offering energy-saving solutions and providing plenty of illumination during nighttime on stairs or hallways. Surface mount, recessed, or ceiling-mounted fixtures all include these lighting solutions which utilize minimal energy consumption while emitting low levels of heat emissions while offering ample illumination of stairs or hallways at once.

Hardscape Lighting and Step Lights

From accentuating architectural features on a retaining wall or handrail to providing ambient illumination in outdoor spaces, hardscape lighting provides an effective means of illumination. While hardscape lighting provides an appealing ambient glow, proper planning and installation may be required in order to get the maximum benefit out of its beauty.

Our stylish 12V Integrated LED Surface Mount Step Lights provide a sleek solution to make installation quick and easy for retrofit or new construction, offering even light dispersion across both contemporary and louvered styles. Included with each product is an adhesive sticker template for mounting on hard surfaces.

Surface mount step lights are versatile lights suitable for a range of spaces, including stairs. While ideal for use on stairways, surface mount step lights can also be placed on patios, decks, walkways and more - however these fixtures cannot be installed on uneven retaining walls or brick steps due to potential risk.

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