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Enhance Your Space with Versatile Spotlights and Spotbars

Spotlights & Spotbars Spotlights and spotlight bars are among the most versatile lighting products, providing direct light where it is required. Ideal for kitchens, lounges and studies where this form of directional illumination is desired. Available in various shapes, sizes and finishes that suit classic to modern interior designs with many complementary hues also offered, spotlights are an invaluable source of directional illumination.

Recessed spotlights are discreet luminaires designed to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. They can be installed either in the ceiling or wall and come in various heights depending on your requirements, including options that can be concealed within false ceilings for those without walls where to install them.

Semi-recessed spotlights offer the ideal blend of style and utility; consisting of an inconspicuous structure concealed within the wall with an exposed projector that can often be adjusted. These lights offer maximum flexibility as they can fit almost any location - including plasterboard walls.

The material used to assemble the structure of a spotlight must meet certain characteristics, such as strength, resistance and workability. Materials include metal, plaster or stainless steel and come in an assortment of classic to modern colors with Swarovski spotlights for extra glamour.

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