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Enhance Your Space with Specialty and Decorative Lighting

Specialty & Decorative Lighting is an industry that encompasses the production and sale of decorative lamps, pendants, chandeliers, sconces and other light fixtures that serve accent, task and ambient lighting purposes. Products in this field come in all styles and sizes to meet customer requirements.

Style lies in the details, and lighting is no exception. Achieving an ideal aesthetic could mean using clear globe bulbs or Plumen bulbs when going for a modern or transitional feel, or vintage Edison-style bulbs when adding an antique or industrial aesthetic to the space.

Specialty & Decorative Lighting Market to Expand at an Annual Compound Growth Rate of 3.8% Between 2019-2025. This growth can be attributed to increasing entertainment event needs such as concerts, sports tournaments, and festivals; television series production companies' demands; opera sets' requirements and film sector growth are also anticipated as sources for market expansion.

Decorative lighting products can help set the scene in restaurants, pubs, hotels, shopping malls, libraries and other public spaces - creating an inviting environment and improving customer experience. Furthermore, decorative lighting has also become a trendy trend to add warmth and opulence into home decor and reflect an owner's taste, personality and well-being.

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