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Choosing the Right Type of Security Lighting

Security Lighting

In physical security, security lighting refers to lighting designed to deter or detect intrusions or criminal activity occurring on a property or site and give its inhabitants a sense of increased safety. It can also increase productivity at work.

In such an instance, lighting may take the form of either a floodlight or motion sensor light. While floodlights tend to be brighter and cover larger areas than motion-sensor lights, floodlights tend to illuminate much faster.

Selecting an ideal security light may be difficult due to all of its various options and their individual benefits. Some examples include:

Brightness - The brighter a light is, the greater its likelihood to be noticed from far away. A high lumen output also serves to deter intruders.

Adjustability - Lights that can be easily adjusted allow you to direct their beam towards a particular area or switch on and off easily.

Motion sensors - If you want to ensure the light always comes on when someone walks into your yard or driveway, motion sensors can be extremely useful in providing this continuity of lighting.

Solar lighting - These lights make an excellent outdoor security lighting solution, as they do not rely on electrical current for operation. However, solar lights will not produce as bright an illumination nor last as long due to interference from cloudy weather or shaded areas.

Hardwired lights can be easier to install as they connect directly with your home's electrical wiring; however, these installations can also be more costly and time-consuming. Wireless systems offer more cost-effective solutions that can even be controlled from a smartphone!

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