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Choosing Post Lights For Your Home

Post Lights are an elegant and practical solution for lighting driveways and pathways leading up to the front door, as well as adding an aesthetic flourish. Typically used as standalone fixtures that can be anchored onto pilasters or directly buried into the ground, post lights come in various styles and finishes that fit right in with any home exterior and landscaping scheme.

When purchasing an outdoor post light, its material of construction should be taken into consideration as this will have an impactful impact on its appearance, durability and lifespan. Consider lightweight yet sturdy fiberglass poles if installed in wet locations, or opt for heavier wooden ones for something with more aesthetic value.

Lamp finishes must be constructed of weatherproof and durable materials that will protect both bulbs and electrical elements from moisture damage while remaining resistant to rusting and dust accumulation for maximum brightness and style.

Motion Sensor & Timer Options

Post lights with motion sensors and timers are an efficient way to save energy, increase comfort, detect would-be thieves more easily, illuminate your yard for greater safety of family and friends, and make life simpler in general.

Timers can help reduce energy waste by turning lights on automatically at sunset and off at sunrise, saving on power usage. Some lights also feature adjustable LED timers which allow users to customize when their illumination takes place during the day.

Install post lights near the entrance of your property for additional security, preventing intruders from breaking in and discouraging anyone from coming onto your lawn or driveway. Doing this will prevent burglars from breaking in and will deter potential visitors.

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