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How to Use Pendant Lighting to Enhance Your Home

Pendant Lights Can Raise Moods and Brighten Your Home

Lighting plays a powerful role in setting the atmosphere and atmosphere in any given space. Therefore, selecting lighting that evokes your desired look and feels is of critical importance for creating the desired effects in a room.

Pendant lights can provide elegant accent lights for dining room tables or kitchen islands, or serve as focal points above a desk. Pendants also make great ambient light sources in living rooms or foyers, offering soft illumination when visitors enter your space.

Choose the Right Size Pendant Lamp

To ensure your pendant light does not overwhelm or disrupt the flow of a space, select its size wisely from the beginning. There are a few simple rules you can follow such as measuring your room in feet to determine its diameter/width for choosing your pendant light.

Pendant lights typically measure 10 inches or smaller in width; medium and large pendants range between 10-20 inches wide. You have numerous shapes, sizes, materials and finishes available when it comes to selecting pendants that will complement the style and decor of any given space.

Clusters of Pendants Are an Effective Way to Add Dramatical Impact mes Mix and match pendants from the same family for an eye-catching statement that's both modern and subtle - for instance, hanging three slightly different-sized pendants clustered over your sink or long table can have dramatic results.

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