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Choosing Pendant Light Fixtures

Pendant Lighting Fixtures A pendant can add light and depth to any room while complementing its decor style, from modern minimalism with white shades or classic Americana with frosted glass and metal fixtures - pendant lights offer an easy way to create unique looks in any space.

Pendant lights come in various shapes and sizes to suit every space. Some illuminate an entire ceiling like a chandelier; others focus light onto one spot - such as over a sink or table in your kitchen.

Before choosing a pendant light fixture, first take some measurements of your ceiling height to assess if it will work with the space in which it will be displayed. If your ceiling height is 8 feet or less, consider selecting a flush mount light fixture instead of opting for pendant lighting.

Material: When selecting your pendant light, material should also be an important factor. Your pendant should complement both your decor style and other fixtures in the space seamlessly.

Finish: Pendant lights come in various finishes, from clear glass to frosted glass. Frosted glass adds a traditional aesthetic while clear glass provides brighter illumination.

Shape: Jar-shaped pendant lights make an excellent accent in rustic and farmhouse homes, and feature multiple layers for an additional dimension in any room. Tiered: Tiered pendant lights offer depth to any room's decor and provide ample lighting options.

Retractable Cord: Some pendant lights feature retractable cords that make changing the length of light simple, making them an excellent option for various tasks and settings.

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