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Pathway Lighting Styles

Illuminate Dark Pathways

Pathway lighting creates inviting and safe pathways for pedestrians to use at night across cities, while providing residents with security against crime.


Paths offer homeowners a great way to guide visitors around their property without risking trips and falls on stairs and steps. A well-planned path light design can further add aesthetic value and highlight favorite features, like garden plants or lawn decorations.

Pathway lighting can create an unforgettable ambience in any landscape. At VOLT(r), we offer an assortment of path and area lights designed to add beauty and distinction.

Beam Spread: With each fixture you choose, calculate its useful illuminated area in feet below its path - this measurement is known as its beam spread and can often be found under product details tab.

Focused Versus Ambient

Most path lights come in two styles: focused or ambient. Focused fixtures are directed toward specific features along the path such as plants or rocks; typically 18-24 inches tall, these focused fixtures emit a soft glow that won't harm either foliage or plants they illuminate.

Bollardlights: Bollard lights, with their unique pillar-like shapes and multidirectional light emissions, make bollard lights ideal for lighting large areas with multiple facets. Best used at the beginning and end of a pathway as focal points, their brightness should be kept in check by choosing low wattage bulbs that won't cast direct upward light onto surfaces above them or installing bollards with solid tops which prevent direct upward illumination of surfaces above.

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