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How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Landscape

Outdoor lighting can add an eye-catching accent to your landscape and provide an inviting, safe space for you and your family to relax and entertain in. Illuminate the front of your home for increased security or light up the backyard to add ambiance during evening entertaining and relaxation sessions.

Low Profile Accent Lights

Add extra impact and dimension to garden features like stacked stone walls, planter beds, retaining walls, deck handrails, water features and garden posts by lighting them with low-profile accent lights designed to be subtle yet low profile. Uplights or downlights may be used to illuminate wall textures, pillars or post caps for greater impact.

Tree Lighting

For larger trees, try lighting their branches from above with outdoor lights to illuminate them from within and create an impressive effect. It works especially well on open-branched trees which offer more room between branches and the light source.

Silhouetting | Outdoor Lighting Silhouetting can add drama to outdoor lighting systems easily. Simply position a source of illumination between an item to be lit and its main point of vantage, focusing on that item to cast shadows onto its surface.

Motion Sensor/Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting

These types of lights automatically turn on after sunset and off at dawn, providing convenient nighttime illumination or safety in areas you wish to remain dark at night. Available as both wide beam (such as floodlights ) and decorative focused beam styles ( such as path lights).

Solar & LED

To conserve energy, opt for solar or LED light bulbs as energy-saving solutions. They last longer than incandescent bulbs while using less power - perfect for outdoor lighting applications and some are even UL Listed to withstand rain and snow!

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