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Must-Have Outdoor Lighting Accessories to Brighten Up Your Yard

Exterior lighting adds curb appeal, ambience, and safety to your home's front porch, back patio, driveway and more. From security lights to party lights - Ace Hardware has everything you need for creating an outdoor illumination scheme that will amaze and impress your guests!

Landscape Lighting Parts, Accessories & Transformers

Outdoor lighting is an integral component of landscape design, and these lighting parts and accessories will enable you to completely personalize and customize your system so it fits with the design aesthetic of your home.

Pier Mount Lights, Sconces & Flush-Mount Lamps

To add style and illumination, pier-mounted lights are an essential addition to your garden or gazebo. Available in many styles and sizes, these fixtures can even be combined with post lights to provide additional security lighting as well as decorative accents to your home.

When you want to highlight specific features or shapes on a wall, grazing fixtures are an ideal way to do it. Their narrow beam is perfect for illuminating features that might otherwise go unseen without using a flashlight.

Grazing lights are great way to highlight the texture of walls while acting as security lighting. Available in both sconce and flush-mount styles, with fixed or swiveling bulbs.

Low-Voltage Transformers, Wiring & Connectors These outdoor lighting components are essential to making a landscape lighting system effective. A low-voltage 12-volt transformer should power the system while joiner cables and junction boxes serve to connect wires together while mounting stakes or other hardware will secure fixtures to a landscape surface.

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