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OttLite Floor Lamps and LED Flex Lamps Are Great Energy Efficient Light Sources

The founder of OttLite, John Ott, began his research on healthier lighting alternatives after studying the effects of different wavelengths of light on human health. Unlike fluorescent lights, which contain mercury, OttLite lamps produce a small amount of UV light, which stimulates the powerdered coating inside the bulb. His new 36w Pivoting Shade Floor Lamp, for example, uses two 18w tubes to provide ample illumination to a workspace.

OttLite adjustable floor lamps are ideal for work areas and bedrooms. They offer magnification and flexibility, providing crisp natural daylight illumination. OttLite's wide range of lights is perfect for anyone who uses their lamps for work, including those who spend long hours reading or working on a computer. With a variety of styles and colors available, OttLite is sure to meet any need. If you have a special hobby, such as sewing or crafting, you will be able to find the perfect light source for your needs.

A study by Ocean Optics showed that the Ottlite lamp mimicked the spectrum of natural daylight. The resulting spectrum shows spikes and valleys. This color distortion can cause some problems in your home and office. For this reason, the Ottlite lamp fails to meet the SoLux standard. Nevertheless, its popularity does not mean that it is unappealing. There are many benefits to using Ottlite lamps, so I urge you to try it!

The OttLite 18w EasyView Floor Lamp combines OttLite technology with a 3x optical grade magnifier arm for a more effective illumination. Its adjustable flex neck and wide WingShade make it suitable for any workspace. This lamp produces less heat and glare, allowing you to see details and colors without any strain. If you're looking for a bright, efficient, and comfortable floor lamp, OttLite may be the perfect solution.

The OttLite Natural Daylight LED Flex Lamp features three brightness settings and a diffuser to provide uniform illumination. This versatile lamp is great for end tables, desks, craft rooms, and countertops. Its energy-efficient UV light disinfection technology eliminates 99% of viruses, bacteria, and mold and fungi in a variety of applications. In addition to its benefits, it's also safe for sensitive eyes. OttLite products can also be used for cleaning surfaces and personal items.

OttLite light bulbs also reduce eyestrain and improve mood and productivity. The high-density light from OttLite can last for over 10,000 hours, which is 12 times longer than the equivalent incandescent bulb. By using an OttLite 13 Watt light bulb, you can save approximately $60 on energy costs. Plus, you'll be doing your part to protect our environment. We hope you'll consider the benefits of OttLite lighting!

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