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How to Choose a Night Light for Your Child

Night Lights Are an Ideal Addition to Any Child's Bedroom

There is an assortment of night lights to choose from that can add comfort and provide safety as your child drifts off to restful slumber. Finding one with features such as timers, alarms, or humidifiers may provide the optimal option to meet their sleeping needs and give a sense of security as they drift off into sleep. Selecting the proper night light can enhance sleep quality for both you and your child while giving them peace of mind as they rest easy through their bedroom doors!

Starry Night Lights Are an Attractive Addition to Any Child's Room

There's an assortment of starry night lights available to add some charm and light up the dark, from traditional glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to plug-in novel nightlights that reflect patterns onto walls. These starry lights make an exciting addition to any child's room while helping reduce fear of the dark through creatures such as ghosts, monsters, etc.

Finding a Night Light

There are various factors to keep in mind when purchasing a nightlight, including its size, energy efficiency and lifespan. When possible, try and find one with dimming capability so you can gradually adjust its brightness until your child finds one with which they feel most comfortable.

Fire Risks

Nightlights pose potential fire risks if they are placed close to bedding or curtains, as well as electric shock and poisoning risks should they become defective or overheated.

Children drawn to colorful night lights may try to play with or disassemble them, breaking their bulbs or ingestion of broken fragments from lamps. Furthermore, this activity could release toxic chemicals such as methylene chloride into their systems.

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