Collection: Living & Dining Room Lights

There are two primary types of lighting for your living room and dining room. These fixtures provide a wide range of ambient light while also providing a focused focus on specific areas. Pendant lights direct light downward in a cone shape. They are ideal for table and chair settings and can be installed at various heights for different lighting effects. These fixtures are ideal for the dining room and living room because they can create zones of light based on the terrain of the furniture.

Aside from focusing on the shape of the light fixture, color and texture are also important factors. Choose light fixtures that complement the colors of the room. A dark-colored chandelier may clash with a room that is decorated in off-white hues. On the other hand, a soft-colored chandelier can help accent the color of a patterned rug. If you want to provide a soft, warm light in a room with high-end lighting, use two different types of lights.

Decorative chandeliers offer low light output, but draw the eye to the center of the room. Decorative wall sconces and recessed lights are other functional lighting options. LED chandeliers can give a bright light. Remember to consider your budget and functional needs when choosing lights for your living room and dining room. When buying lighting fixtures, remember to balance layers of light horizontally and vertically. The right combination of wall lights and ceiling lights can create a nicely lit atmosphere.

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