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When selecting a lampshade for your room, the first step should be identifying its purpose. Do you want it to serve primarily as a light source or as a decorative accent? Are you seeking warmth or neutral tones or an eye-catching statement shade?

Consider your room's decor, furnishings, and textiles before selecting a brown shade to bring warmth and comfort. For example, if your space contains numerous brown tones or has more traditional elements such as an array of brown textiles, choose one to complete the effect and provide warmth and coziness.

If your contemporary space features predominantly whites or clear colors, adding a gray shade for a modern touch to strike a balance between elegance and understated charm can help achieve that look. A gray shade also helps bring new hues into the mix without overwhelming its lamp base with its presence.

The shape of Shades A lampshade's shape is one of the primary factors in its aesthetic appeal, making a statement about your taste and personal preference. Shades come in various designs; those most appealing tend to complement the base's shape best.

Example: A square base with a flat profile will complement a rectangular shade beautifully.

An angular base with a flat profile pairs perfectly with any shade that features a round or hexagonal form.

Other shapes of lampshades that you might come across include bell (pagoda), drum and empire styles. Unlike most shades, these forms often feature oval profiles when seen from above or at an angle.

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