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Island Lights: Illuminating Your Kitchen and Dining Area with Style and Functionality

At ARTCRAFT Island Lights, we carry an expansive selection of indoor and outdoor island lighting fixtures to help create the ideal kitchen focal point or enhance any room in your home or business space. Choose from designer collections featuring crystal, craftsman and early American styles as well as nautical and nature-inspired options that add both style and function.

Dancing Flame LED Lantern

This lovely, led lantern adds an attractive, safe, mood-enhancing glow to outdoor landscape lighting that's much safer than real flames. The flickering effect looks just like real flames and installation requires no complicated wiring or dangerous oils - simply attach the poles provided and position them where desired for an island-style feel!

Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting: These torches automatically light when the sun goes down and turn off again when the sun rises - an innovative feature sure to add charm and beauty to any patio or garden! Their tropical island-inspired design will undoubtedly become the focal point of any patio or garden space!

Festival Ready: With its bright LED lights, the Islander LED is a lightweight and portable light perfect for festival use - setting it up quickly before packing down into its handy stuff sack for transportability. Available with 3 lighting modes (bright, dim and flashing), this little gem will surely make an impression wherever it goes.

Though more than 100 years old, this light has endured and remains active today despite its age. It is the only active Fresnel lens on Long Island and only one still standing along the east coast of North America.

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