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Most people think of the indoor fixtures as being light bulbs that you plug into an electrical outlet. However, there are several kinds of indoor fixtures. Some are simply purely decorative, while others are made to add decor or enhance a current furniture setup. In either case, it is important to consider the purpose and size of your indoor fixtures, since some of them are not waterproof or dustproof. Regardless, you should ensure that you purchase them for indoor use only.

The most common indoor lighting type is downlighting, which involves fixtures that are recessed into the ceiling and cast light downwards. However, this type of lighting is problematic because of its energy consumption. LED lamps are a great way to increase energy efficiency and are easy to retrofit. And since they produce less heat than other types of indoor fixtures, they can be a cost-effective way to illuminate your space. But how do you choose the best type of indoor light?

While indoor lighting fixtures are usually safe for indoor use, there are certain risks of fire when they're not used outdoors. Water can get into lamps and fixtures and cause them to burn. Because water conducts electricity, it also increases the risk of electrical fire. This is especially true if the lamps are placed in an area where water may be flowing or dripping. However, there are also other ways to avoid fire hazards with outdoor lighting.

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