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Children's Lighting Sets the Tone

Lighting Sets the Atmosphere

Children's lighting creates the ideal atmosphere in any room they inhabit, from ceiling lights and sconces to lamps and table lights. Available with whimsical designs sure to enthrall children of all ages, children's ceiling lighting is an easy and affordable way to enliven any space!

Lamps: Light up your child's play table or desk with an engaging children's table lamp! Many come in whimsical shapes like animals, cars and airplanes to complete the room theme. If they have an especially beloved character or theme they want to incorporate into their room design, perhaps find one with that shape to tie everything together seamlessly.

Night Lights: For little ones afraid of the dark, nightlights offer a soothing solution. Choose a plug-in night light in the shape of an animal - such as a unicorn or elephant - to match their decor, or select one with childproofing features for tabletop use on their dresser or nightstand.

Wall Lights: For an easier approach to kids' lighting, install wall sconces. Free up space on their nightstand for books or drinks while adding a soft glow into their bedroom as they drift off to sleep.

Safety: For childproof wall sockets near beds and to minimize overheating in children's bedrooms, avoid halogen bulbs in their rooms as these create too much heat.

Pendant Lights: Hanging pendant lights can add a whimsical element to any child's room, offering endless creative options and shapes for arrangement around a painting easel, the play area or simply use multicolored pendant lights and let their imagination run wild!

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