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Ceiling Spots - What to Know

Ceiling Spots: What to Know

Your ceilings are one of the most essential aspects of your home, providing space and light in every room. So when water stains appear on one, it can be devastating.

First and foremost, you should attempt to ascertain the source of the stain on your ceiling. Doing this will give you a clearer idea of how best to proceed and hopefully stop further outbreaks in the future.

What Causes Water Stains? One of the most prevalent ceiling problems encountered by homeowners, water stains are one of the more commonly-seen issues. They can result from various sources, including leaky roofs or plumbing leaks.

How to Clean Ceiling Stains

The key to effectively treating ceiling water stains is getting them taken care of quickly; that will ensure they don't come back and cause further damage to your ceiling.

How to Repair Wet Spots on Your Ceiling

There are two primary approaches for fixing wet spots on a ceiling: replacing drywall or applying new coats of paint. The severity of any stain will dictate which method you should choose and how much drywall will need replacing.

Fix Brown Spots on Your Ceiling

Similar to dealing with water stains, trying to address brown spots without first addressing their source can only make matters worse - which is why it's essential that they be addressed as soon as you spot them.

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