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Ceiling Lighting - Choosing the Right Style for Your Home

Ceiling Lighting

A great way to make your home seem larger, brighter and more welcoming is with the appropriate ceiling lighting. Choose from chandeliers to fluorescent bulbs in an array of styles suited for your taste and budget.

Ceiling Lights Types

In addition to providing ambient and general illumination, ceiling lights can also be used as task lighting. For instance, kitchen ceiling lights offer direct illumination that helps when cooking or baking while bathroom ceiling lights provide the illumination necessary for getting in and out of the shower or tub while still offering ample illumination of sink and toilet areas.

Bedrooms Lamps are an indispensable addition to bedrooms, as they offer both task lighting and ambient illumination. Pairing lamps with ceiling lights give greater control over how much light comes into the space.

Flush mount and semi-flush mounted fixtures make an unobtrusive addition to bedrooms, guest rooms or modern bathrooms. They connect directly to power sources and come in various styles.

Pendant Light Fixture

When selecting the ideal pendant style for your bedroom, the shape of the light fixture should be taken into account. Round and oval-shaped ceiling lights provide even lighting across space while bowl- and urn-shaped pendants add depth by providing extra layers in their center.

Rise and fall chandeliers can be an adaptable option, as you can raise or lower them according to your needs. When combined with dimmers, they instantly turn ceiling lights into soft accent lighting.

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