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Types of Bathroom Lights

Lighting is an integral element of bathroom design. It helps you see yourself clearly in the mirror, makes a room appear larger, and imparts an atmosphere of serenity and luxury. Whether renovating your current bathroom or looking to enhance what you already have, getting your lighting right is paramount for success.

Bathrooms benefit from four types of light fixtures: ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lights. Each has its own advantages and should be used in specific areas of the room for optimal efficiency and beauty.

Ambient Lighting: Soft overhead lighting creates a soft, diffused glow that casts light across the entire room without creating harsh glare or shadows. This can be achieved with recessed or flush-mount ceiling light fixtures, or wall lights set above eye levels like sconces or pendants.

This type of light is ideal for a master or guest bath. It also works well in powder rooms and half-bathes, provided the ceiling height isn't too low and there's a safety distance from any water surfaces (like showers or tubs).

*Chandelier: For larger bathrooms, adding a chandelier can add an elegant touch. Sachin Gupta and Neha Gupta from Beyond Designs suggest selecting a fixture that's the same size as the vanity to avoid appearing overhanging or taking up too much room.

They can be installed along the ceiling or in a central point for a symmetrical aesthetic. They come in an array of styles and can be custom-made to match your bathroom's design.

When selecting a fixture for use in damp or wet environments such as bathrooms, it is essential that it be UL-listed. Furthermore, consider the color, temperature and hue rendering factor of the bulb before purchasing it.

White: When selecting a light bulb, color temperature is key in producing quality illumination. It has an immense effect on how your bathroom appears and feels, so make sure it matches the natural tone of the space.

Soft White: 2,700-3,000 Kelvin produces a yellow, warm tone that creates an inviting and soothing ambiance. This kind of light can be found in both halogen and LED bulbs for ambient illumination.

Bright White: 4,500-5,000 Kelvin bulbs provide a neutral white light perfect for detail work. It's often used in bathrooms and is also available in LED bulbs.

*Task Lights: These provide illumination for bathroom essentials such as washing, shaving, brushing teeth and applying makeup. It can be provided by sconces or pendants around the sink, track lights attached to walls or ceiling which can be adjusted to direct light where it's needed most.

Installing a dimmer switch to control your mood lighting is an excellent idea. This will let you adjust the brightness as needed, which can be especially beneficial if your bathroom is small.

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