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How to Use Bathroom Recessed Lighting

Bathroom Recessed Lighting

Lighting can be challenging in small bath spaces with sloped ceilings. Recessed lights offer an efficient solution, making the most out of limited space while adding an element of style.

Recessed lighting fixtures not only help illuminate what you're doing, but can also produce a cozy and soothing glow for relaxation. Plus, with their dimmable switch option you have complete control of brightness according to your mood!

Linear Layout If your vanity sink area or bathroom ceiling has limited space, a linear layout may be your ideal choice. By placing several recessed lights above it, a consistent pool of illumination will cover its entirety.

Noting the following should also help keep recessed lighting balanced: when installed over a vanity sink or bathroom vanity, it must be used in tandem with wall lighting and mirrors; otherwise direct light coming from the ceiling will cast shadows beneath your eyes while washing your face or shaving, casting shadows under them that could impair vision.

Installing recessed lights into your bath or shower is an affordable and simple way to add brightness without making major structural modifications. No matter whether it's the master bath you're renovating or guest bathrooms - adding these simple changes will add character and functionality while turning your bathroom into an oasis.

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