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A prankster might say that Banksy's art is for kids. That is certainly a bit of a stretch, but the artist certainly has his fans. This piece of Banksy art is a play on the Mona Lisa (1503-4), and the juxtaposition of the painting with a gun and headset is cheeky and provocative. The juxtaposition of a serene and inviting face and a menacing weapon is not a good mix, but the effect is still quite strong.

Many of Banksy's recent works are controversial, and some are based on the pollution that occurs in steel factories. In an Instagram video, a child enjoys a snowball and is surrounded by ash from nearby steelworks. It is hard to ignore this piece of art, and its message has been well received. Though the majority of Banksy's pieces have been defaced and painted over, many remain visible today.

Banksy's work is often controversial, and his works have been removed in protest. His "Turf War" mural, visible from Park Street in Bristol, caused a stir when the RSPCA ruled that it was appropriate. This led to the protest of an animal rights activist. Banksy later made subversive paintings of classic works, such as Water Lily Pond by Monet and Edward Hopper's Nighthawks by painting a football hooligan in underwear. These works were subsequently removed by the Westminster City Council.

The Banksy Pop-Up Boutique in New York City is the latest publicity stunt. The pop-up boutique, located near Central Park, features art by the street artist. The pop-up store sells framed paintings and canvases worth up to $60. The artist posted a video documenting the surprise sale. The resulting sales sparked a huge media craze, with two Banksy canvases fetching up to $214,000 at an auction in July 2014.

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