Table Lamp in a Bedroom is a colorful light that blends into the décor

Selecting Table Lamps For Bedroom

When selecting a table lamp for your bedroom, make sure to keep in mind your overall design scheme. Table lamps for bedrooms should blend into their surroundings and enhance the decor. For instance, you may want a lamp with angular lines and no lampshade, while a more rustic style might require a wicker or rattan shade. The Signe table lamp is an excellent example, featuring a vibrant color contrasting beautifully with the wall. This colorful light is the focal point of the room's decor.


With so many different styles, Vonluce table lamps for the bedroom are an excellent choice for a room that needs a touch of brightness. With options in ceramic, metal, and glass, you can find a style to fit any room and style. In addition, the UL-listed, fool-switch-safe design makes it a safe choice for young children. A Vonluce lamp will not only enhance the decor of your bedroom but also serve as a great night light, which will not only enhance the mood of your room but will also prevent accidents from being caused by the lamp's electrical cord.

If your room is modern and clean, then the Vonluce table lamps for the bedroom are the perfect way to inject color. The Capri Bottle Lamp is a dazzling multi-colored delight, while copper table lamps have a chic industrial vibe. Gold table lamps are also bright metallic glitter. In addition, you can mix two different table lamps to create an interesting visual symmetry. By balancing these two styles, you can give your bedroom a new look and make a bold statement.

Simple Designs

If you are looking for a bedside table lamp, there are several simple designs. First, consider what you want the lamp to do before you go shopping. Is it primarily a decorative lamp, or is it also used as an accent? If you are planning to use the lamp as an accent light, you should buy one that can adjust the height of the lampshade. The following are some of the most popular options.

When shopping for a table lamp, you must consider the proportions and ergonomics of the lamp shade. The shade should generally be 2 inches smaller than the lamp's body. In addition, a drum shade is the safest bet. Remember that a narrower base means a less illuminated area. When you're looking for a table lamp, choose one that's the right height and shade for the room.

You can get table lamps with dual-stacked ceramic stones, a black metal base, and a fabric shade made of earth tones. You can also purchase ones with animal shapes, which give off a warm and cozy glow. Animal-shaped lamps are also popular because they add charm and whimsy to any room. These designs can be purchased separately or as a pair. Choose the style that best suits the rest of the room.


Whether you are redecorating your bedroom or need a light for reading, the IKEA table lamp is an excellent choice. They use standard bases and can be fitted with either LED or non-LED bulbs. Some models accept only LED bulbs, while others are compatible with conventional screw connections. While they can range in price, you should be aware that they tend to be made of metal. So, when shopping for an Ikea table lamp for the bedroom, consider how the material will fit with your decor.

The Band 2 Pack Table Lamp has a three-way dimming switch, fabric shade, and a USB port. It is a good choice for those who don't want to spend much money on a table lamp. Designers and architects also recommend it. Lastly, you can choose from an Anglepo, GLS, or STORHAGA LED table lamp. Of course, you can always buy a cheaper model if you don't want to spend much money.

Another great option is the PS 2014 pendant lamp. This light, inspired by '60s sci-fi movies, throws '60s space vibes. It is small but has enough light to make any bedroom feel complete. Alternatively, you can also go for the Felsisk pendant lamp, an ultramodern chandelier with classic details and a horizontal shape. Aside from these, the IKEA table lamps for the bedroom can be used in your living room, office, or bedside table.


SAFAVIEH offers a diverse collection of trendy furniture, rugs, and home decor. The company's extensive product line features many styles and colors to enhance any bedroom. In addition, you're sure to find a lamp to complement your design preferences. Check out their extensive online catalog for more information. The best part is that SAFAVIEH table lamps for bedrooms come with a warranty! In addition, they are rated as the best overall in the Lamps category.

Karl Johan

The Karl Johan Table Lamp is a modern, compact table lamp with a mushroom shape that adds a warm glow to any room. This table lamp is available in two styles: smoked oak or black Marquina marble. The smoked glass is subtle and direct, while the oak diffuser lends a sense of mystery and power to the room—an excellent addition to any bedroom. The Karl Johan is a great choice for any room and is suitable for most decorating styles and tastes.

Inspired by a trip to the woods, the Karl-Johan Table Lamp blends the stability of marble and the soft curves of glass to create a beautifully poetic piece. Designed by Signe Hytte, this modern lamp features a black textile cord and an integrated dimmer. A timeless piece, the Karl-Johan Table Lamp will complement any bedroom and add a touch of class.

Ikea Varv

If you're looking for a stylish night light for your bedroom, consider the new range of Ikea Varv table lamps. These lamps come with charging pads and are perfect for keeping your mobile devices close. They have many functions and can be used for different purposes, from storing spare change to lighting up your room. If you're concerned about your phone's battery life, the Wireless Charging version of the Varv table lamp will allow you to charge two devices simultaneously.

The Varv table lamp has a white shade and a nice matte finish. The frame is made from painted steel or cast iron. This is a good choice for bedrooms that don't need too much light. If you're worried about a light bulb going out, you should buy a dimmable light bulb instead. The open-design version is best used with a clear light bulb, while ordinary lamps have opal or transparent shades. You can complete your set with additional lamps from the same series. You can customize the Varv table lamps with a textile shade if you prefer a soft, diffused glow.

Another excellent choice for a bedside table lamp is the Scandinavian-inspired Karl Johan Glass & Marble Nightstand Lamp. Its slim and modern design allows you to position it at any angle. This versatile lamp is perfect for bedrooms that have low bed frames. It can also be placed on its side, illuminating a table. Another solid wood table lamp is the Nordic Table Lamp, which can illuminate a bedside table or cast light upwards.

Simple Designs Bronson

The Bronson industrial lantern lamp by Simple Designs is an excellent option for your bedroom. This industrial-style lamp is made of metal and features a glass shade. Its 16-light-moon color spectrum produces a warm glow. It comes with a 5-foot power cord and an in-line switch. The lamp is corded and will not cause any tripping hazards. Whether you're a minimalist or an edgy type, you'll find that this lamp is both stylish and functional.

These simple table lamps for the bedroom come with a matte black finish, a sculptural T-base, and a distinctive shell-shaped metal shade. The shade can be adjusted to provide direct light for reading or other tasks. They also come with an 8-foot cord and light dimmers. The lamp is designed for two-way operation. This option is best for smaller bedrooms or temporary fixtures. However, if you want a more modern look for your bedroom, you can check out the HUGOAI Smart Table Lamp. The product has many features and is designed to be the perfect accent piece for your space.

If you're going with a minimalist look, it might be best to avoid color-blocking bedside lamps. Instead, opt for a minimalist lamp with a neutral color palette. Or, for a glam look, opt for a style with an Old Hollywood feel. There are several options to choose from, and you're bound to find one that matches your needs. When shopping for bedside lamps, remember to consider the height and aesthetic of the room. Generally, the lamps should sit at least 24 inches above the floor.