Find the perfect light for your living room. From sculptural lamps to floor lamps

How to Choose Cool Living Room Lights

There are many types of lighting in a living room. Whether you want blanket brightness, ambient light, or reading light, there are plenty of options. Sculptural lamps can add a new dimension to a room's surface, transforming the lamp into a focal point. A living room with multiple lighting sources can feel like a constantly changing space. Depending on how you use the space, you can choose various lighting styles, including Edison bulbs, chandeliers, and floor lamps.


When choosing living room lights, you have a few different options. You can choose a chandelier or an understated globe pendant to complement the design of your living room. You can also opt for a unique style of lighting with a sconce. Sconces are usually hard-wired and conceal the cord within the wall. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect lights for your living room. Once you've chosen a style, you can experiment with various light fixtures and combinations.

Another option is to choose a geometric or linear wall light. This style creates a sculptural look and can be a focal point in a living room. It works especially well in a minimalist space. It is a unique way to illuminate a room, making it the focal point of your decor. You can also use it as a pendant in a bedroom. You can find a great example of a geometric light fixture by looking at a set-up of rooms in a city.

Pendant lighting is another great option for your living room. They can be angled downward to accent a certain room area or give you a focused downward light for reading or writing. To balance the downward-facing light, you can also use torchiere-style floor lamps. These lamps are often higher in lumens than table lamps, so that they can give your room a boost in ambient light. And remember to experiment with your lighting!


While ambient lighting fills the room and raises the overall light level, it may not be enough for specific tasks. Living room lighting fixtures provide most of the ambient light, while task lights focus bright light on specific activities. Both lights can accent a specific area or add a focal point to a room. This article will discuss the differences between ambient and task lighting and how they can benefit your design. This article will also discuss the importance of matching your living room lighting to furniture.

An adjustable reading lamp is one of the coolest options for modern lighting in the living room. This lamp can do it whether you need direct illumination or a more diffused glow. The PH 2/1 reading lamp by Poul Henningsen features layers of mouth-blown opal glass and a cordless dimmer. This lamp is available in three different sizes. The PH 2/1 reading lamp has a smooth opal glass body, and its white drum shade is a classic piece for any home.

A successful living room lighting scheme should use multiple lighting options, as different lighting styles serve different purposes. For example, a floor lamp is an excellent choice for ambient light in a living room, while a chandelier may not be appropriate for a room that requires a lot of lighting. A chandelier is a classic contemporary choice and can be a great accent piece when used as the main light source. However, it's important to consider the room's functionality before buying a chandelier.

Ceiling fans

Consider ceiling fans if you're looking for new lighting for your living room. Ceiling fans are a great way to add light to your space without much effort. You can even get unique models that match the theme of your room. Some fans feature reversible motors and smart remote controls, while others feature integrated LED light fixtures. In addition, you can find models with a variety of light bulbs, including daylight, halogen, and incandescent. Some of the more popular ceiling fans brands feature unique designs and styles.

When it comes to choosing the right ceiling fan, look for one that is designed to accommodate dimming LED lights. Many fans use dimmable LED bulbs that can last up to 25,000 hours. Some fans have a wall dock, so you don't need to fuss with a remote. Also, choose one with a low-wattage bulb so it won't cast a starry sky. If you are looking for something that will be installed in your living room yourself, a caged ceiling fan with light can be a great choice.

A good ceiling fan can provide significant air movement while remaining quiet. This is great for light sleepers and binge-watchers alike. A ceiling fan with two dimmable LED lights is also a good choice. It provides a pleasant, even amount of light for any occasion. In addition, the remote control allows you to adjust the fan speed and color without needing a complicated installation. However, there are some things to remember when buying ceiling fans.

Edison bulbs

If you'd like to use vintage-looking lighting in your living room, try installing Edison bulbs. These bulbs are known for their unique shapes and emit a golden light. You can dim them to see the bulb itself more clearly. They're great for ambiance but come at a higher cost than standard light bulbs. If you have children or pets, avoid Edison bulbs. They're notorious for being easily broken. This may not be a good idea in every situation.

Another great option for Edison bulbs is a pendant light. A pendant light is a simple but effective way to use this bulb in your living room. The pendant light usually consists of several bulbs strung together. This creates a warm atmosphere. You can also opt for a ceiling pendant light, which can be used as accent lighting. But the pendant light's unique design makes it the best option for a room's overall aesthetic.

If you don't want to spend money on a brand-new fixture, you can also use Edison bulbs in your existing fixtures. This type of bulb uses LED filaments, which replicate the color of the original bulb. This type of bulb also uses less electricity. As a bonus, these bulbs last longer and are more energy-efficient. So it's worth checking out Edison bulbs if you want to make a big change to your living room.


Sconces can be placed on the wall for a unique look in the living room. However, placement isn't everything. Depending on where you want the light to be, you may have to install more than one fixture to get the desired effect. For example, if you have a fireplace in your living room, you may want to use two sconces on each side of the fireplace. You can also fill up an empty corner with table lamps.

Sconces are an excellent way to create a focal point in a room while adding additional lighting to the area. Some designers recommend choosing sconces that stand alone to avoid crowding the room. However, you can also try using a wall sconce with an extra-large size to make it look more dramatic. These large wall sconces can feature multiple finishes, geometric shapes, and varying shapes of shade.

A contemporary wall sconce is a good option if you want to add more light to a room. However, a large sconce with several bulbs might be too overpowering if you have a small living room. Also, when choosing wall sconces, remember that walking space is an important factor. A sconce should provide enough light but not be too distracting. Consider the light source and the other accents in the room when choosing the perfect sconce.


When selecting pendants for your living room, consider the ceiling height in your room. High ceilings require a large pendant, while low ceilings may result in people bumping their heads on the lamp. Hanging lights over tables is a great solution for low ceilings. Next, choose a pendant style that works with your existing decor. Pendants can also accent larger light fixtures. Here are some tips to help you decide which style to choose.

A single row of pendants can be used for a traditional layout, but a cluster of pendants can create a striking effect in any room. Single-mounted pendants can contain multiple lamps at different levels and highlight a group of seats. Pendants are available in several styles and can be adapted to suit any style and mood. For an extra dramatic effect, consider star pendants, which point soft light in multiple directions. Box chandeliers are less formal than traditional chandeliers but have an air of space.

Whether decorating a bedroom, dining room, or other room, pendants are a great way to bring light where you need them. Pendant lights are also very functional. They can give a room a modern look or a classic feel. Pendants come in different sizes, colors, and materials, including glass, metal, and wood. There's no limit to the styles and colors of these lights, as there are plenty of designs to choose from.