Make your bedroom a sanctuary with the right wall lights

Choosing the right wall lights for the bedroom is essential for aesthetic and functional reasons. Bedroom wall lights can be hardwired or plugged in, depending on the design you want. They should complement the overall design and style of the bedroom. For a contemporary look, you can choose adjustable wall lamps and pendants or a modern sconce to emphasize architectural features. Whatever type you select, wall lights can be an essential part of your bedroom lighting scheme.

Modern and contemporary designs

When defining contemporary and modern styles, you should focus on lighting fixtures. The contemporary style was first developed in the 1970s and has evolved since then to meet the current demands of homeowners. Contemporary designs often incorporate straight lines, geometric shapes, and neutral color palettes. Unlike traditional styles, modern bedroom lighting emphasizes function and simplicity. This style is most commonly associated with Scandinavian and Asian design. The Buster & Punch Caged Wall Lights feature an unconventional design and are available in either polished white or satin black marble.

Contemporary wall sconces are another popular choice. Despite their streamlined appearance, contemporary designs also showcase modern and traditional design elements. They add a sense of refinement and exclusivity to a bedroom while freeing up floor space. Contemporary wall sconces are an excellent way to highlight contemporary style while providing illumination. Modern and trendy designs can be paired with traditional home styles, as they complement each other.

A modern white wall sconce projects soft lighting upwards and downwards, contributing to a soothing atmosphere in any space. This wall light blends seamlessly with classically styled interiors. A contemporary flush mount wall light features multiple layers of designs that blend seamlessly with any decor. Another great choice is a cylindrical ribbon wall light that looks like a perfectly shaved white chocolate ribbon. These wall lights work well in bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, and other areas.

When decorating your bedroom, wall lights can enhance your overall design. Depending on your lighting needs and the placement of the lights, they can provide both functional illumination and improve the overall design of the space. Whether a statement piece of art, an accent lamp, or something else, wall lights can help you find the perfect balance between lighting and design. So, take the time to choose your lights carefully.

Incandescent bulbs

When buying bedroom wall lights, you're probably wondering what light bulb to use. The best bulbs for bedroom wall lights are energy-efficient light bulbs. In addition, you can choose from halogen, LED, or CFL bulbs. These bulbs offer a wide range of color temperatures and long lifetimes. For bedroom wall lights, choose bulbs with warm color temperatures that are gentle on your eyes.

While incandescent bulbs don't produce nearly as much light as LED and CFL bulbs, they are the most economical option for many applications. They last over a year, are available in various colors, and are much less expensive than other bulbs. While they are not as energy-efficient as LEDs, they provide warm white light, similar to daylight. You can also buy dimmers for these lights. If you're on a budget, you can opt for halogen bulbs. But remember that they won't last as long as LED or CFL bulbs. Also, if you live in California, you can't use halogen bulbs.

Consider purchasing a wall sconce with an incandescent bulb for the best results. These can provide general lighting as well as a calming effect. They're easy to install and often come with a plug. But don't forget that wattage is not always the same as brightness - it's a measurement of the energy needed to produce the light. To help you decide which type of bulb to choose, here are a few tips:

You can also opt for LED wall lights for your bedroom. They typically produce a large amount of light with lower wattage, making them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than their incandescent counterparts. And they also tend to last longer, with the average LED bulb lasting around 25,000 hours. Even if they cost more upfront, LED, light fixtures are cheaper and more energy-efficient than their counterparts.

Swing arm lamps

Swing arm wall lights for the bedroom can be an excellent way to add extra light to your bedside area. Not only do they provide additional illumination, but they can also be adjusted to make them more comfortable to read. First, check out Houzz for examples of swing arm lights for the bedroom. Then, choose one to fit your space and needs. Then, enjoy the light and sleep soundly! But be sure to read reviews and do your homework before you purchase.

Modern chrome-plated swing arm wall lamps can spruce up your bedroom. You can choose from a Chrome-plated Axo sconce or opt for a brass swing arm wall sconce. The latter is particularly chic, thanks to its sleek design and gold joints. If you're in the mood for something a little less stylish but still has the same look as the original, try a Swing Arm, Wall Sconce, in Brushed Nickel.

If you're looking for an ideal bedside lamp, a swing arm wall lamp will be the perfect companion. Not only will it illuminate your bedside table, but it'll also serve as a great reading light for your desk, email, and needlework. Another plus to these stylish wall lamps is their versatility. Because their arms are adjustable, they can be hung at any height. You can choose from adjustable, articulating, and fixed versions.

Whether you're looking for a reading or desk lamp, swing arm wall lamps are perfect for any space. They can be installed anywhere in the house, whether in the bedroom or the living room. Depending on the style and design of your wall, a swing arm lamp can help you conserve valuable surface space while adding fashion and function to your room. Professional designers often recommend mounting specific lights in work areas and relaxation areas.

Sculptural designs

Adding sculptural designs to your bedroom wall lights adds visual interest to the room. They come in many different colors and styles and can even create 3D effects. Wooden and metal wall sculptures are both available. In addition, faux taxidermy heads are an increasingly popular option. Because they look so lifelike, they can add a colorful pop to a bedroom with neutral walls. They also serve as functional accents, adding an extra touch of organization.

If you want to add a touch of artistic flair to your bedroom, try hanging a pendant light on the wall. These are perfect for bedside lamps; you can even use them in the center of the room to illuminate the artwork. These lights can also function as art by inspiring paintings or as sculptural artistic media. You can also choose to hang one pendant light fixture in a row, and a cluster of them will light up an entire room.

Sculptural designs for bedroom wall lights are another popular way to add art to your room. They can be freeform metal ribbons, bursts of crystals, or asymmetrical hand-shaped glass rods. Because they are so unique and decorative, you'll be amazed by their versatility and appeal. Even if you don't have a museum or gallery in your town, sculptural lighting can add an artistic touch to your room without breaking the bank.

If you're a sucker for detail, feature wall lighting might be the perfect way to go. These wall lights can be show-stopping and bring attention to display items or artwork. They can also light up dark corners. The trick is to find the correct placement. Choose the one where natural light can penetrate and where the bedroom needs the most accent lighting. That way, your bedroom can look its absolute best. Enjoy!


The versatility of wall lights for the bedroom allows you to decorate your room differently. For instance, you can use them for reading or accent lights. In addition, they can create a relaxing ambiance for you while allowing you to work and study. There are various wall lights, each with its distinct style and function. For instance, if you want to brighten your bedroom in the evening, you should select one with a lower lumen rating.

You can choose dimmer wall lights for the bedroom for a softer, more relaxing ambiance. Some wall lights come with plugs, so installing them is easy. For wall sconces, you must choose the appropriate fixture based on the kind of bulbs you wish to use. The installation process is straightforward with dimmer lights, so there's no need to have a professional do it for you.

When choosing wall lights, consider the purpose of the light they provide. For example, if you're using it to work or read in bed, you'll want to select ones that provide enough light to enable you to focus on your tasks. If you're studying, you'll want to choose a lamp with a blue or white hue, which is more appropriate for task lighting. Then again, choose a yellow or warm light if you want to relax.

If you're a night person, you might consider investing in an ENDESA GREEN wall sconce with an E27 bulb. These will give you an accent in your bedroom and can also be used as your night light. The brightness of the wall sconce depends on the type of bulb you choose and the intelligence you want. A wall sconce with a lower brightness will give you a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep, while a high brightness bulb will make your room more vibrant.